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What services does HolistiCare provide?

A quick screening of the five-questions questionnaire are required to select the most suitable home helper for you. There are also WhatsApp inquiry offered, answering every question for you. More than 5,000 overseas employees are in our database. There is always someone who can help you!

If the recruitment of domestic helpers is unsuccessful, is there a handling fee?

We uphold the tenet of no success, no fee! No fee will be charged until a suitable domestic helper is found for you.

Is there any income requirement for employment?

The employer's household income must be no less than HK$15,000 per month (for each foreign domestic helper hired), or the employer must have enough assets to pay for the entire employment contract period. If the elderly apply to employ foreign domestic helpers, the Immigration Department will refer to the financial proof provided by their children to support the application.

Do I need to provide bonuses to the domestic helper?

The current labor regulations do not require employers to pay year-end bonuses or "double pay" to foreign domestic helpers.

Is there a 3-month trial period for an employer to hire a helper?

There is no probationary period for the employment of foreign domestic helpers. If the employer or the helper terminates the contract (even if the helper has worked for less than 3 months), unless otherwise agreed by both parties, the other party must be given at least 1 month's notice, or 1 month's salary as payment in lieu of notice.

If the helper returns home to visit relatives before the contract expires, does the employer need to pay for the air ticket?

Unnecessary. The current law only requires the employer to pay the helper the one-way air ticket to return home after the contract expires, as well as travel and meal allowances during the journey.

What are the statutory holidays in 2023?

For the statutory holidays in 2023, please refer to the latest news on the website of the Labor Department:

Does the government have any documents related to the employment of foreign domestic helpers for reference?

The Hong Kong Immigration Department has a guide for hiring domestic helpers from abroad for public reference:

What is the contact information of the Immigration Department?

Immigration Department Tel: 2824 6111

What is the contact of the Labor Department?

Labor Department contact number: 2717 1771

How can I get real-time flight information at Hong Kong International Airport?

You may go to the Hong Kong International Airport website to check, as follows: